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"Non Erect Method"

"Non Erect Method"

very effective for some erectile dysfunctions

* This is a method made by a Japanese sexologist Dr. Teruo Abe of Abe Clinic.

I will explain this method briefly. Please consult his book for further detail.
"Non erect method" aims at focusing only on the sensation of the gland while the penis is in its mid erection and most sensitive during masturbation or shallow penetration.

This method utilize the fact that penis becomes less sensitive when its full erection is attained.
So, first, give a little stimulation to the penis so that it will erect midway.

The important nature of this method is in its paradoxical approach of "You should not have full and hard erection."
Most of people with erectile dysfunction have a deep fear, "What if I don't have erection at the moment?"

Thus, to eliminate this kind of fear from expectation, in this method, "You will consider it as a failure if full erection is attained. And stop stimulation to bring it back to mid erection".

If the method dictate only "Don't get erected", it could give another phobia.
Therefore, "to focus on the gland and feel the stimulation" is very important.
If there is a non-erect phobia, you can't focus on the sexual sensation that your mind and energy would pour into the vicious circle of fear and impatience.

This "Non Erect Method" is really well thought for circulating so-called "Ki" energy to the penis by focusing one's attention on the gland, and moreover for remembering the most important basic attitude of "enjoying sex by tasting sensations".
(However, the method of "pulling out when it is hard" existed in China for long long time as a sexual technique, Non Erect Method is better organized as a whole system.)

Even though this Non Erect Method is a training method for erectile dysfunction, personally, I recommend this to people without erectile dysfunction. This method can be a very good training against premature ejaculation since it will give better endurance, too.

So, please try "Non Erect Method" even if you have no sexual problem for masturbation or real sex.
I would repeat two important points.
1: "Feel the sensation of the penile gland by focusing totally" should be your priority.
2: "Don't think about getting erection."

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