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Effects of Sex on your Health

Effects of Sex on your Health

I have received several questions concerning health and sex.
But I cannot answer in terms of medical science since I am not a MD..
However, I can tell within my own experiences.

There are common factors among women I had sexual relations.
First, women with "irregular cycle" have nearly perfect regular cycles afterwards.
Next, for ladies who had some "skin problems", these conditions either totally or greatly disappeared.
In both cases, it wasn't quick fix. It took three months to a half year to see the apparent effect at the rate of, say, once a month of sex.

In the extreme case, the shape of the body itself changed. A woman with rather "barrel" type shape around waist was transformed clearly into "coke bottle" shape.
(* translator's note: "barrel" and "coke bottle", in no way, resemble the terms used by Mr. Houzan Suzuki nor quite common way of saying in Japan. I just used them since I couldn't think of other words that would give a visual image clearly. Let me know if you have better way to say.)
She was very surprised at this by herself. As far as I could see, it wasn't that she got slim by loosing some fat, but the born structure around hip itself had grown.

As I don't know the exact cause for these phenomena, let me tell my hypotheses.
I don't think these phenomena will happen by normal sex, though.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I make love, I always give caressing and other kinds of skin nourishment to full body of my partner. Before penetration, during foreplay, from fingers and tows, all the parts of her body up to her hairs, leaving nothing and carefully, I give nourishing skin stimulation for tens of minutes without fail.
The biggest reason is that we can't have a "balanced skin stimulation", which is an important side aspect of sex, just with the genital stimulation for sexual pleasure.

Also, touching and massage for partner's face is especially important,
for we accumulate enormous amount of psychological stress on our face.

This is because the accumulation of emotion oppressed by social life such as,
we couldn't laugh when we wanted, we couldn't cry when we wanted,
we couldn't express anger when we wanted,
are all engraved on our facial expression as the "deformation".
Therefore, it is very important to give a skin nourishment to loosen up the facial tissues and expression of your partner.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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