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Circular movement & Cooling method

Circular movement & Cooling method

effective remedy for premature ejaculation

First, employ "Non Erect Method". When you can't help but having full erection, and then just before ejaculation...

1: Stop the stimulation.
2: Take your penis by a hand, make big circular movements pivoting at the base of penis for 18 turns. (Turn it clockwise looking down.)
3: Finally, cool the entire penis with a plastic bag with ice cubes and water in it for about ten seconds.

After that, give stimulation again to repeat 1 to 3 for two more times.
It will be better if you finish this training without ejaculating.

Consult a specialist

As I have said before, I am neither a MD nor sexologist.
Also, we discuss about deep mental aspect of "orgasm" as a main theme, here.
Therefore remedies and comments about functional problem such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, phimosis, and ejaculatory problem, which is the matter to be passed before treating mental orgasm, are very limited.
So, when you do not see any improvement after trying what I have suggested, please consult a specialist.

For example, even just in cases of premature ejaculation, there are from psychogenic, penile hypersensitivity, associated with erectile dysfunction, and acquired reflex.
And the remedy is naturally different in each case.
As for phimossis, some of them require circumcision while other could be treated without surgery.

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