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The difference between Taoist sex and Orgasmic Fusion

The difference between
Taoist sex and Orgasmic Fusion

"Taoist Sex" is derived from Chinese Taoism, as you may know.
It is basically a system for personal "longevity" or "health".
In some cases, they seem to have had group sex as "festivity".

In these systems, there is a enormous kinds of situation where sex should be avoided such as the time, seasons, and condition for the partner. Also the neophyte is allowed to have actual sex only after going through many kinds of training and adjustment of body.

In this website, I will not give detailed explanations for these area. But I will tell some points I have noticed, nevertheless. You may not be able to find following explanation even in the ancient Chinese manuscripts.
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In Chinese Taoist Sex, you absorb life energy from female genital organ, basically.
It could be called, in a way, as the act similar to that of Vampires, they had presumably done things like changing women twelve times explicitly for this purpose. Of course, the man would not ejaculate at all until at the end.

The maximum numbers of ejaculation is also defined as, once in four days for a man of twenties, once in eight days for thirties, 16 days for forties, 20 days for fifties, and never after sixty years old.

As a part of their method, a man would "pushing the tube located between the scrotum and the anus, while breathing out from the mouth, crunch his teethes for many tens of times" just before his orgasm to contain seminal fluid. In this case, even if there is a ejaculatory spasm around genital area, the life energy goes up into the brain without leaking out. (Actually, I have practiced this method before, for many years, and it had great effect on the body and mind.)

But in "Mumyouan", we don't use these techniques from Taoist Sex since we seek equal orgasm for both men and women.

However, it is true that women feel nearly no adverse effect even if a man take out a little bit of life energy because they store not just many times, but many tens of times more sexual energy than men. And you can see this in the fact that women can practice prostitution while men would not be able to perform it as much.
A woman who had relation with me long time before had attained 14 orgasms in a day.
If a man ejaculate 14 times in a day, he would be totally tired and get sick.

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