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Food and Chinese medicine for sexual vigor

Food and Chinese medicine for sexual vigor

In the original Japanese version, I have explained about food and recipes good for sex.
However, some of them are hard to find or not accustomed to eat in many western countries.
So, I would just give a list of food and Chinese medicine only.
As for the Chinese medicine, you can show Chinese characters in graphic to the people in the store so that they can understand what you want easily.

General food items:

Celery, spinach, garlic, chicken meat, gambo, long onion or shallot.


Clove, cinnamon.

* You can mix under 3g per day of cinnamon in tea or milk. People with hypertension and other compromising health condition should consult doctor before trying.

Japanese food:

Hijiki, Nira, Umeboshi, Natto, Yamaimo, Satoimo, Nagaimo, Nameko.

* Hijiki can be easily found in many health food store. Some stores sell Umeboshi and Natto. Other items are found only in specialized Japanese food store.

Chinese herbal medicine.

1. Ginseng (Ninjin),
2. Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn (Renshi Lotus seed),
3. Euphoria longan Steud (Rongan or Dragon eye),
4. Lycium chinense Mill (Kuko),
5. Epimedium macranthum (Inyoukaku),
6. Polyugonaceae multiflorum Thunb (Kashu),

Other Chinese medicine:

7. Gekko gecko L (Goukai),
8. Anteler velvet (Cervus nippon Temminck var or similar),
9. Hippocampus kelloggi jordan et Snyder (Sea horse or Kaiba).

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